Girl, Change Your Face

You can change your face, and you should.       Constantly being barraged by people telling us that we need to become the most authentic version of our self, when we’re trying to stay focused on our need for Christ, is sort of like trying to swim up river. It’s exhausting. We will always need Christ, and while we know this, even becoming apathetic for a moment gets us partially drowned.  What it means to be our most authentic self by a secularist perspective, is to do whatever feels right to us. We can create goodness in ourselves by good works, or we can create goodness for ourselves by casting off the restraints and opinions of others and becoming whatever we want to be.      The doctrine of self is tightly bound around our hearts, and the Word of God is piercing joints and marrow, separating us from every false way our flesh seeks to divulge in. This is the separation of who we were without Christ, from who we are in Christ. It is painful to disentangle ourselves from what we som…

Vaccines and Parental Rights

Dare I say it, V…..Va…….Vaccinations. Ugh. My head just about exploded. Vaccinations are the hot topic of the day folks, put your headphones on or get ready to throw a tantrum because there is just no middle ground here. If you do find some middle ground you’ll find yourself quickly and inadvertently hemmed in on either side by mobs of article branding loonies and people who want the government to sanction the kidnapping of your children. 
     There are few subjects as nasty as this one, but we’ve all lost our ever-loving minds, and so I think we need a sanity check. In fact, you might just be unhinged if you don’t believe in vaccinations. You might be abusive. You might be a criminal. We might need to take your kids away and give you 500 rounds of conversion therapy. Who knows? But we definitely do.  

     There’s little or no middle ground here, so you are going to think I’m taking sides, probably whatever side you aren’t on, but I’m prepared to dig my own grave on this one...I…

Darwinism Is Incompatible With Christianity

Today I’m going to get a little bit into what the term ‘christian worldview’ or ‘secular worldview’ means. These are terms that you may or may not have heard a lot, depending on your christian circles. Having a christian worldview would actually make you different from the secularists. In other words, you would be noticed. Isn’t it nice when no one notices you, or your bakery, or your teaching degree, or your family? It’s much easier to just go along to get along.       Many christians might read, Romans 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all” and think that it means they should get along whatever the cost. Even if the cost is abandoning bits and bobs from the Word of God, attacking the Church of the living God for daring to be so different, (anti-secular) or other believers for believing the antiquated ideas found in the Scriptures and imposing their beliefs on unbelievers. 
Taken in the context of Romans 12:9-21 though, we see a very different …

Depression Is Not Your Master, Jesus Is.

Depression is a prison tomb where bravery melts into faintheartedness. Where ghosts and shadows romanticize with poor lost slaves about death. An oppressor that takes the very wind out of your lungs and hope from your belly.

Jesus knew about depression, and when the Father's wrath was poured out upon him like molten, refining fire, the sins that lead our souls into depression were baptized in the holy wrath of God.
  Jesus, the holy one of God, was forsaken by God for our sins and died. Yet when three days had past, the tomb had to vomit him out. He himself was the gold that had been purified in the refining fire of God's judgment. He was the sinless one, all our sins had melted away in the heat of God's wrath. Our Lord raised himself from the dead, and he set the captives free from the belly of dragon. From the very pit of Lucifer's stomach we were born in Christ. Unholy angel's are always trying to lead us back into the dragon's mouth. Your warfare is a spi…